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07 March 2006 @ 01:30 am

PRlNCESScat: i got someone arrested at work
dfunky foshizzle: holy shit, what?
dfunky foshizzle: like a coworker, or a customer?
PRlNCESScat: customer
PRlNCESScat: she like came in for an appt and she didnt know what name it was under
PRlNCESScat: so we are like whattt and we figure out by the phone number, and it was under nicole wilson, and she said her name was jessica johnston and shes like "oh thats my name too, im getting married"
dfunky foshizzle: like, is she retarded or does she think that when you get married, you change your ENTIRE name?
PRlNCESScat: and we are like umm, whatever lady. and she gets her hair done and comes up to pay and she gets all this makeup and then writes a check and the check says like sandy dandy on it, clearly not either one of her 'names'
PRlNCESScat: and we are like uh we need ID and shes like i dont have it, this is my sister's check and shes in california. so we are like whats her number?
PRlNCESScat: and she gives us a number and we call it and its not a real number, so i went and called the cops, and the came and were outside and the lady got real nervous and was staring at them and stuff
PRlNCESScat: and she was like i dont have any other way to pay so she gives us her wallet to hold onto and she left to go get money supposedly, but then a few minutes later four cops like came in and had her with them, and they are like do you have an ID in your purse? and shes like no
PRlNCESScat: and they are like whats your name? and shes like its jessica johnston, and the cop takes her purse and pulls out an ID that says sandy dandy on it and hes like why does this ID have a different name then what you just told me? and shes like uhh i dont know?? and they arrested her
PRlNCESScat: it was amazing
PRlNCESScat: it made me all warm and happy on the inside
PRlNCESScat: we looked up her name in the system, and she had written over like 20 hot checks to toni and guys
dfunky foshizzle: the closest i ever came was this black guy who grabbed an entire stack of cds on the display and walked off
dfunky foshizzle: and then i got my manager and she got them back and he ran awy
dfunky foshizzle: hahaha the best story is this old lady who went to music to buy something with a gift card
dfunky foshizzle: but the gift card she had was HUGE, like the size of those checks Ed McMahon comes to your house to give you
dfunky foshizzle: and we were like, what the fuck is this
dfunky foshizzle: none of us had ever seen it before and this poor grandma was so scared because we were suspicious
dfunky foshizzle: and it turns out it's something you get from corporate
dfunky foshizzle: although why they make a size 356 gift card, i have no idea
PRlNCESScat: tou have no idea how much i just laughed
PRlNCESScat: i shared those with james
dfunky foshizzle: it was so hard to keep a straight face during that one
PRlNCESScat: i gotta go to bed though
PRlNCESScat: ill call you later nigger
PRlNCESScat: tomorrow
dfunky foshizzle: yeah me too, i tried to leave but you suckered me in with your arrest story
dfunky foshizzle: ok later
PRlNCESScat: :-)
dfunky foshizzle: it was a very "arresting" story HAHAHAHAHA ok bye
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